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I don't need video content for my business
Thursday, August 10, 2017
I don't need video content for my business

I was recently chatting with someone who works in the finance industry and when I was explaining to them what I do for a living they replied that they don't need video for their business. Curiously, I asked why not and they mentioned that they had plenty of clients that they had received through word of mouth and that there was just no need for them to use video. I thought to myself, that's really great! I wish I could just run my business without having to do a video shoot every few weeks. To be honest I really don't like going on camera to film my content but it does work well for my business so I will continue making it.I have heard many other reasons why people don't use video in their businesses like "It's not something my clients want or expect" or "none of my competitors use video so I don't need to". But what I think is that there are some seriously great ways to use video in your business that don't involve marketing yourself on social media. So forget social media! I have three different ways you can use video right now that will streamline your business and give you back time.#1 Getting the Prep Work DoneAfter chatting with the finance professional I had a think about what type of video would be valuable to someone who felt they just didn't need it. Time is the answer - Everyone values time. I have found that one of the most time consuming activities in my business ...

Filming Outdoors: How to Choose a Fabulous Spot to Shoot Your Video
Thursday, August 03, 2017
I don't need video content for my business

I was speaking to a client recently and she mentioned that the only time she had available to shoot her own video content was on her lunch break in the city. While I almost always retreat to the safety of my indoor studio space to film my own content, it did get me thinking about how one could easily identify a great spot to film when on the go.I often shoot outdoors for clients in spaces and locations that I have never been before. When I arrive I make sure I treat the outdoor space just like a regular indoor office space. This really enables me to focus on finding the best spots to shoot quickly and avoiding the places that are just not going to work. With this in mind I thought I would share my top 3 tips to help you select the best spot to film when you are out on the go.#1 - Find the Reading CornerAll offices will have that one space that people head to when they need some peace and quiet. It might be the meeting room or the out of the way table in the lunch room. It will be somewhere where there is much less foot traffic and conversation (so definitely not near the water cooler or the kettle). When you are filming outside look for an area that is away from people and cars. This is for 2 reasons - you want to cut down on background noise and you want to reduce distractions and disruptions. It might not be the first place you see; so have a walk around and check out the ...

Facebook vs YouTube: Are You Posting Video Content to the Right Platform
Friday, July 14, 2017
I don't need video content for my business

Facebook Vs YouTube: Are You Uploading Your Videos to the Right Platform?There are many platforms that you can upload your video content to, however the standout performers are definitely Facebook and YouTube. YouTube is the second biggest search engine next to Google, which makes this platform a powerful player online. Facebook is the largest social media platform, boasting over one billion active users daily. But these two platforms operate in vastly different ways which is why it is important to know where to post your video content to get the best engagement.I think knowing where to post your video content is a lot like the old saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket". Ultimately you want to be putting your eggs in at least a few different baskets to make sure you are getting the most from your video content. Putting duplicate content across both platforms is the easy option. However, by having a closer look at what each site has to offer, you can actually cherry pick which videos are going perform best on each platform. To make the process quick and easy I have focused on three points to help you decide where to post your videos.1) The Quick and The DeadThe first part of the process purely comes down to time. Currently, (and I always say currently as social media platforms and viewer trends are constantly evolving and changing) Facebook favours videos that are ...

Scripting Video Blogs: It's Easier than You Think!
Thursday, June 29, 2017
I don't need video content for my business

I was recently working with a client to create a set of video blog topics for our shoot together. While we worked out which topics would be of most value to her clients we also started chatting about the best way to script the content for the shoot. Now I think that there are a few really important techniques that you should use when scripting your video blog content. What is great about these techniques is that they are simple and are actually a lot like having a chat with a good friend. #1 Don't Have a ScriptVideo blogs do not need to be scripted! If you are using topics that you know inside and out then you really do not need to write up a script for these videos. After all, you would never take along a script when going for coffee with your mate and you need to look at video blogging in the same way. It's important to use topics you are familiar with so that you can just share your experience, your thoughts and ideas. That way you won't get caught out trying to impress your audience with topics that simply aren't in your area of expertise. Also don't forget they only need to be about 2 minutes in length so you should be able to cover your content fairly comfortably without needing to refer to a written script. But be sure to keep some notes handy so you can stay on track during your shoot. #2 Use Easy to Follow LanguageMost broadcast TV is written to be ...

Creating Video Content: What Do Your Viewers Want to Know?
Friday, June 02, 2017
I don't need video content for my business

This week I was lucky enough to present to a full house at the North Lakes Resort Golf Club for a Women's Network Australia Brunch. I was presenting on the topic of DIY video for businesses and had a few different areas that I was going to cover during the session. One particular topic really stood out to me as being very important to the attendees. That was, how to work out what sort of video content your viewers are going to be interested in.I have found that to really get your content right you have to focus on your businesses best asset, you. While you may have knowledge and expertise in your industry it really is your personal insight that will keep the viewers engaged. This can be easier said than done so I have created a 3 step process to help you get over the line.Step 1: Help Your AudienceProviding help to your viewers will really attract attention. When providing help though, you need to do just that. Don't provide the "help" in a way that is really just asking for a sale. Take a step back and look at how you can genuinely lend a hand with everyday issues your audience might be having and remove that selling pressure. People start to relax and feel  comfortable once they know you are not trying to pounce, allowing you to build stronger relationships for growth in the future.Step 2: Use Your Best AssetBy far the best asset in your business is you with your unique ...