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Creating the Perfect Blog Video
Thursday, April 20, 2017
Creating the Perfect Blog Video

Moving from Ineffective to Engaging - 3 Key StepsI recently had the pleasure of photographing children's book author, Michelle Worthington (pictured above) and she invited me along to speak to her amazing group of authors, the Share Your Story gang.One of the topics I spoke to Michelle's group about was video blogging. Video blogging can be a bit like cake decorating. The cake (your business) is obviously the main attraction and while the cake decorations look amazing, is there any real need for them? Or are they just going to end up tossed in the bin along with the candles and serviettes?And what I think is to get your video blogs from ineffective to engaging there 3 really simple techniques you can use.1) Respect your viewers eyes. Just like the cake decorations your blog videos need to look good or they aren't even going to attract an audience in the first place. Take some time to get your set up right and show your viewer that you care about what they are watching.2) Get away from spammy, salesy, highly scripted content. People know when they are being sold to and it is a sure fire way to have your viewers tuning out. Instead focus your content on providing help and insight to really build those online relationships and enhance your branding.3) Don't miss the opportunity for a call to action. While this may seem to conflict with the second point it is important ...